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Launched and Launch and Lunch

For lunch I go to the hamburger joint in Japan that, I guess, was conceived to compete with McDonald's  -  MOs.  They have a few tables in an outdoor patio area where I am allowed to smoke a cigar.   I did not smoke through a mask during the pandemic, so just consider the photo a joke.

BLAST DESIGNs has been in business just long enough so that we need MORE sales to break even.   We have three sections:   the radio program,  titles & artists,  scripture.   Not really a RE-Launch when I come back to add things.  If I tend to things properly, that should be done maybe weekly.

Scripture?  Just because I am keen on salvation.  The English passage is on the front of the TEE, and where it is found in the Bible is on the back.  titles & artists?   As a radio DJ in Japan, I talk up the titles and the artists, and most of the listeners understand that English when they might not understand other things in the language.   Just the title is on the front of the TEE while on the back we find the artist or artists and sometimes the writer.


the photo is from the days of the pandemic

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